Customer journey: A straightforward tool for time-pressed marketers

Customers and clients don’t just fall out of trees, desperate to give you their money.

Every person you work with, sell to or serve has been through a series of steps, which eventually led them to a choice that you were the one they wanted.

This is their customer journey.

Someone who has never heard of you needs a very different message to someone who trusts you. Someone who knows you well will have a very different relationship to your organisation compared with someone who only likes you.

Once you understand each step you can understand how to craft the relevant message.

This is probably the simplest of all our Brand Clear tools, but that should only help in giving a clear picture of what this journey looks like.

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Brand blend: A straightforward tool for time-pressed marketers

When all that everyone wants is for business to come through the door right now, right now is all that anyone is planning for.

But short term plans only achieve short term results. Campaigns that only focus on ‘now’ won’t ever achieve real growth in the future.

There’s a straightforward answer, but it’s not a straightforward challenge:

Appeal to people in the long term, activate them in the short term.

This simple Brand Clear tool gives you an easy reference on what this should look like, whether you’re in B2B or B2C.

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Brand anchor: A straightforward tool for time-pressed marketers

Embed the value of your brand into everything you do and you’ll be easier to spot, easier to remember and easier to choose.

That’s easy to say, but how does it work in practice?

Our anchor tool gives you a clear guide to use when approaching any form of marketing or messaging, enabling you to stay locked in to your brand identity.

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Brand funnel: A straightforward tool for time-pressed marketers

We know funnels are nothing new. But it’s always worth revisiting a tried-and-tested method to be sure you’re putting it to good use.

Our funnel gives you a clear reference point for your content marketing. Why are you writing blog posts? Why would a guide be a useful addition to your resources? What’s the objective of your monthly emails?

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Ode to SMEs

2020 has been an object lesson in not taking what we have for granted, on so many levels. One that applies to business too.

I’m not talking about big business (although they have their challenges), I’m talking the small and medium businesses (SMEs) – the backbone of our economy – who have done some pretty inspiring and brave things to survive and thrive this year.

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5 Tips for Increasing Brand Value in the Era of Connection

We’re entering the fourth industrial revolution and it’s driven by technology. When we think of technology, we often think of devices, data and information. We’ve become focused on gathering intelligence, and we rely on it to map out our competitive advantage. But even this is now becoming outdated. Analytics are becoming less important as we enter the ‘Connection Economy’.

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Marketers – Make change happen

How has your marketing been lately? Are you smashing targets or smashing your head against the wall in frustration? Although there’s no exact science to marketing, when things aren’t going well, it might be time to take control in a different way.

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Drawing of DNA heredity in black on pink background

Believe in your brand’s DNA

One sure way to cut through the noise and reach out to increasingly savvy customers is to amplify your authentic brand differences. They need to know more than what you do; they are actively looking for signals as to why you do it and why it should matter to them.

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