Electrical Engineering

Building unity
across international teams

Before Brand Clear

Mature, commoditised, me-too offerings in an over-serviced market, competing on product & service features.

After Brand Clear

Owning the space of Trust, well earned over a century as a specialist in a market full of generalists.

Roadmap for growth

Use specialist accrued knowledge and expertise to demonstrate trust at all levels, to enhance product credibility.

“The team were instrumental in successfully navigating the sensitivities of what ended up being a complex multinational brand repositioning and cultural alignment piece. The collaborative support I received from Brand Clear, throughout, was essential to overcoming internal roadblocks and maintaining momentum right through to launch.

I was impressed by how they turned insights into powerful ideas that pulled everyone together. The final positioning has been extremely well received internally from the shop floor to the leadership team, giving everyone a clear sense of identity and focus to achieving our longer-term vision. A great job, well executed.”
Stewart Parry Business Development Manager