Building unity
across international teams


The BRUSH Group is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of industrial generators.


Acquisitions and expansion activities in America and Europe became the catalyst for unifying all sectors, countries and departments under one BRUSH brand to help the group move forward in a challenging market.

Additional activities

30 hours of sessions in 4 countries were held with 25 operational team members, as well as the board.


Technical advantages were marginal and difficult to demonstrate without risking competitive edge.

The truly authentic thing about BRUSH was the deep knowledge  and expertise found in its people, unrivaled in some areas, with 20+ years experience.

Unlike key competitors, BRUSH were specialists in their field  – only focused on electrical energy products, placing them in a position of authority.

An end-customer’s key buying trigger was ‘extreme low risk’ due to the nature of the industry. BRUSH’s rich experience, meant customers ‘trusted’ advice from the engineers above competitors.


A clear and authentic point-of-difference that BRUSH could sustainably point to was its deep, accumulative, industry knowledge. No competitor could claim the same level of experience or specialist focus.

Therefore, it became less about the product edge and more about the experience depth – in other words the BRUSH community.

This all amounted to ‘trust’. When you are building, installing and maintaining equipment that will serve millions of people every day, trust is essential.

To reflect this essential ingredient and reference experience, 'Trust. Well earned.' became a rich central focal point that stakeholders across the group could understand, believe in and get behind.

Trust is the foundation of all good relationships. It’s a very human word that’s not always found in the lexicon of business. However, without it, we are unable to create meaningful partnerships – whether peer to peer or with customers.


The senior management team acted as brand ambassadors, filtering the values down through to the shop floor, achieving 99% internal engagement on the direction.

The CEO was so enthused by 'Trust. Well earned.' as a unifier, he personally undertook a roadshow, visiting each country, presenting the new brand proposition, which became the centerpiece of all internal and external activities.

This new brand proposition brokedown siloed working practices and created a benchmark for everyone to aspire to, raising the cultural bar.

“The team were instrumental in successfully navigating the sensitivities of what ended up being a complex multinational brand repositioning and cultural alignment piece. The collaborative support I received from Brand Clear, throughout, was essential to overcoming internal roadblocks and maintaining momentum right through to launch.

I was impressed by how they turned insights into powerful ideas that pulled everyone together. The final positioning has been extremely well received internally from the shop floor to the leadership team, giving everyone a clear sense of identity and focus to achieving our longer-term vision. A great job, well executed.”
Stewart Parry Business Development Manager