Net Construct

Brand repositioning
for engaging next level


Net Construct are developers who solve complex business challenges through well-crafted websites.


Organic growth meant that the agency’s perception was no longer aligned with the size of client they were now capable of servicing.


They build robust websites. Not digital. Not digital-media. Not platforms. Simple straightforward language.

Top two identified client drivers are perceived value (in what is delivered and by whom) and a low risk choice (a positive, fit-for-purpose outcome).

They are performance-led, highly competent engineers in ‘proven’ website technologies, able to adapt to specific client needs. Not just out of the box.

Specific client needs include complex business challenges that arise from business critical websites that are unstable or unmanageable.



By establishing Net Construct as an engineering-led specialist in complex websites, a partner rather than supplier, we create standout as the lower risk option in an ocean of web agencies.

We built a language and visual toolkit from which to market the agency. Using a 'motion-first' principle to design an animated sequence that would work in individual frames.


The toolkit provided a clear visual and descriptive style for the agency to follow and build upon. Becoming the central reference point for all employees to come together over.

The new language created contrast from regular competitors, especially in pitch situations, and focused prospective client minds on key differentiators. It raised their profile, attracted new clients and highly valued talent to the agency.

“The process we were taken through was extremely helpful in confirming that everyone was on the same page. It also highlighted aspects of what we do really well, that we wouldn’t normally shout about. Most importantly, it’s given us a distinctive voice when engaging with new clients at a higher level.

We saw enough value in the outcome, that we’ve implemented the same approach for our other brands within the group.”
Emma Phillips Group Marketing Manager