How we do it

Our seven phase process is a tried and tested structure that also allows flexibility to adapt to individual needs, ensuring successful outcomes – because we know every organisation and challenge is different.

1Fresh perspective

Information gathering to help structure the stakeholder session and deliver a better outcome.

Forms part of the project kick-off and includes meetings with project owners.

2Internal insights

Half day stakeholder session using a range of tools and questioning techniques to gather insights from opinions and perspectives.

Bespoke external research is undertaken if required. Typically as surveys, vox-pops or in-depth interviews. Costed separately.

Sometimes there is a need for additional research to gain a more in-depth understanding of your market, customers or competitors.

3Clarity from complexity

Analysis of data and insights to build logical conclusions.

Interim summary presented in a top-level, easy-to-digest format to key stakeholders, including the formation of a direction and proposed next steps.

4Logic into magic

PLAN: Structured plan for communicating change (e.g. channels, messages, process). Includes value proposition session with key stakeholders to map out audience pains and gains.

CREATIVE: Detailed messaging and creative application in line with the plan.

5Consensus & direction

Presentation of the plan, creative and rationale.

Feedback and approval ensuring all key stakeholders are aligned.

6Top-level toolkit

Delivery of a ‘toolkit’ so you have everything necessary to proceed with the plan-of-action.

This signals the transition from the strategic to the tactical stages.

NOTE: Toolkit contents are dependent upon objectives (e.g: tone-of-voice, slogans, visual assets, logos etc).

7Measuring success

Quarterly reviews for 12 months to measure the level of success and allow for tweaks to improve further.