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Most organisations don’t provide their people with the feeling they belong.

Unite your people with a clear brand that attracts, engages and inspires talent that shares your vision and values.

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Ode to SMEs

2020 has been an object lesson in not taking what we have for granted, on so many levels. One that applies to business too.

I’m not talking about big business (although they have their challenges), I’m talking the small and medium businesses (SMEs) – the backbone of our economy – who have done some pretty inspiring and brave things to survive and thrive this year.

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Drawing of DNA heredity in black on pink background

Believe in your brand’s DNA

One sure way to cut through the noise and reach out to increasingly savvy customers is to amplify your authentic brand differences. They need to know more than what you do; they are actively looking for signals as to why you do it and why it should matter to them.

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Case Studies


Construction Materials Testing

Building credibility
to shift customer perception

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William Hinton

Chartered Accountants

Sharpening focus
to own a specialist position

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Vehicle Vision

Automotive Video Software

Creating contrast
to offer a different value proposition

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How we do it

We get you from A to B with a proven process that gives you a well-thought-through, actionable solution to your business challenges.

  1. Fresh Perspective

    Pre-session information gathering

  2. Internal insights

    Half day key stakeholder session

  3. Clarity from complexity

    Identified insights & logical conclusions

  4. Logic into magic

    Establishing a plan & creative approach

  5. Consensus & direction

    Key stakeholder action-plan approval

  6. Top-level toolkit

    Delivery of instruction manual

  7. Measuring success

    12 month quarterly reviews

Use Brand Clear
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