Why we exist

We're here to help close the gaps between your staff, your brand, and your customers, resulting in sharper clarity and direction for everyone, so you can achieve your business objectives quicker.

A clear brand makes all the difference.

Our difference

We’re the only business strategists that love doing all the boring stuff that makes your brand brilliant.

We do this by working jointly with you to better understand how you communicate the unique value of your business, product or service – internally & externally – so you can outmanoeuvre the competition and win more of the right customers.

Brand Clear IS…
qualified and highly experienced  |  a specialist in the discipline of communication  |  proven to increase turnover and staff alignment  |  interested in making a long-term tangible difference  |  dedicated to educating and helping SMEs win

Brand Clear is NOT…
a marketing agency  |  a brand consultancy |  interested in redesigning logos  |  a light-weight offering  |  about quick fixes or quick bucks

Why this is important

Imagine your business as a planet.

The outside world is in space looking down. They don’t see your planet’s core – physical (business) assets. All they can see is the surface – your brand, to which they attach meaning to.

The atmosphere in between – your marketing – can either enhance or disrupt what they see and experience.

In other words, the relationship a customer forms with your business is highly dependent on how well you manage the meaning they attach to your brand.

If Business is focused on organisational goals, then Brand is focused on customer goals. Therefore, there’s no long-term brand success without strong business fundamentals. And there’s no long-term customer loyalty without a strong brand narrative.

This is where we operate and have the greatest impact.