Digital Health Transformation Service (DHTS)

Accelerated uptake by 15% compared to previous year.

Before Brand Clear

An untethered range of digital products unable to convey the combined potential in supporting digitally enabled NHS care.


After Brand Clear

Using their cohesive product architecture to highlight their unique positioning as an NHS digital development team serving the national NHS community.


Roadmap for growth

Using the new brand to demonstrate their value of “Assured NHS excellence, as standard” to attract a broader mix of NHS services looking to achieve digital transformation and benefit from shared learnings and technology. 

“Brand Clear has pulled our disconnected range of digital innovations together to make a clear stand for what we can offer.

It has completely changed our go-to-market strategies and increased uptake by new and existing user organisations.

Ultimately, the process has strengthened our digital nursing community and our project team, helping to improve digital access into NHS services.”

Laura Serra
DHTS Marketing Manager
Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust