Rebrand & Reposition


From £9,750 + VAT

Branding is about managing meaning through communication.

Every interaction matters.

A solid, strategically sound brand platform gives you the visual and verbal language you need to confidently move forward and outmanoeuvre the competition.

Package details

Ideal if…

  • You have out-grown your existing brand
  • You want to attract and retain better customers
  • Your offering has become confusing or complicated
  • You want your business to stand out in the market
  • You look and sound like everyone else


What you get…

  • An outsider’s view on the status quo
  • Challenges to exiting perceptions
  • A clear framework to safely shape ideas
  • Professional advice and guidance
  • A defined, actionable plan


What’s tangibly included…

  • Desktop market research
  • Desktop competitor research
  • Leadership interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Bespoke facilitated workshop
  • Summary/Roadmap
  • Value proposition
  • Toolkit
  • Project management of creative services*


Implementing and embedding a rebrand & repositioning strategy is an ongoing process that requires time, attention and patience to ensure a long-term positive outcome. Therefore, we offer coaching support to help you remain on track and focused, acting as a sounding-board and an extra pair of eyes, so you can get the best from your investment.

Additional Coaching Support

From £750 + VAT per quarter

  • x3 months block**
  • 121 leadership support
  • Help with implementation
  • Feedback surveys
  • Creative direction
  • Marketing strategy support

*Project management is for an initial creative phase, if required (max x3 week scope). All creative services are costed separately and are dependant on the final approved plan.
**Coaching Support block of x3 months can be extended by adding a further 3 months, at the same cost, if required.