Unfair Advantage Audit


From £800 + VAT

Sometimes we get caught up in our own hype, or lost in the melee of what we think customers want to hear. 

This means, there’s often a draughty gap between how we choose to present our business, how we actually deliver our product, and the potential for leveraging our natural unfair advantage (our non-earned competitive edge). 

By understanding our relationship with the market (usually competitors) and our customers, we can develop a roadmap towards the type of brand and business we want to be.

This package helps you find clarity and direction to forge a more defined path. It also helps you identify your business’s true ‘unfair advantage’, which you can deploy to great effect. 

Package details

Ideal if…

  • Your website and marketing materials have lost their way
  • Your current brand doesn’t reflect your true business potential
  • You want to improve how your business is perceived by everyone
  • You want to leverage what your business excels at 
  • You simply want to get a grasp on the status quo


What you get…

  • Questions to help frame your business strengths
  • Analysis on your business presentation and language
  • Insight into your competitors and market
  • Professional advice and guidance
  • A clear and actionable audit


What’s tangibly included…

  • Leadership interviews
  • Desktop market research
  • Desktop competitor research
  • Summary audit


Additional Coaching Support

From £750 + VAT per quarter

  • x3 months block**
  • 121 leadership support
  • Help with implementation
  • Feedback surveys
  • Creative direction
  • Marketing strategy support
**Coaching Support block of x3 months can be extended by adding a further 3 months, at the same cost, if required.