Coaching & Mentoring


From £100 + VAT per session

Sometimes an experienced outsider can help you find the clarity you need to move forward.

As an accomplished and qualified Coach and Mentor (ILM Level 5), an experienced and certified Brand Strategist and Architect (Level C), and a battle-hardened Business Owner of 15+ years (School of life), I specialise in helping business leaders find clarity in the complex, meaning in the mess, and a roadmap through the riot of everyday trading – Minds made clear.

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I can help you…

  • Find clarity and direction in your current situation
  • Think differently about your options 
  • co-design strategies to win against your competition 
  • Galvanise your team 
  • Be chosen by customers more often 
  • Retain and attract the best talent
  • Reach the ‘next level’

What you get…

  • An experienced outsider’s view on the status quo
  • Someone who will listen and challenge you 
  • Regular sessions to keep up the momentum 
  • Professional support and guidance where required
  • A confidential and safe environment