Wǒ Skincare

Industry awards and growth in sales were driven by a boost in internal confidence.

Before Brand Clear

Were an Indie skincare brand drowned out by a $50bn marketing industry machine.


After Brand Clear

Are a Indie skincare brand that whispers into the ear of authentic women who want control and who choose not to chase perfection.


Roadmap for growth

Celebrating ethnic diversity in all its complex wonder. Using myth-busting evidence to show how ethnic heritage influences the behaviour of everyone’s skin. Demonstrating how Wǒ’s products provide more skin control.


“Having worked with Sean through the Brand Clear process, we have managed to achieve the clarity that is required to communicate with our audience.

As an independent brand in a very crowded market, we faced some challenging problems. We had complete faith in our product and our team. For us it was more about a strategy to grow our market share.

The process was efficient and cut through the confusion very quickly for me and my team, which made everything much easier to work with.”

Karen Lee-Thompson
Founder & CEO
Wǒ Skincare