Blacks Cheese

Creating standout
in an over-serviced market


Blacks Cheese are a producer of high-end, award-winning, cheddar cheese.


With successful show and online trade, Blacks Cheese were taking the next logical step in business growth by expanding into retail and wholesale. They needed to create standout in a highly over-serviced market, appealing to retailers and distributors, without loosing what made them so appealing to customers face-to-face.


The ‘real’ product difference was that they used real milk instead of powdered milk (unlike cheddar bought in UK supermarkets).

As a customer-focused business, everything they did pointed towards customer satisfaction. It’s was why their cheese was graded better and blended better.

Blacks Cheese had already established an irreverent cheeky patter that gave them stand-out face-to-face and over social media. However, it wasn’t anchored to anything tangible.

There was a genuine belief that… “If everyone knew what real cheese tasted like, we’d change the world!”.


The “…change the world!” statement, became the basis for a revolutionary narrative. This new narrative, blended with their established, bold, irreverent character positioned the brand as ‘Cheese of Change’ revolutionaries - Join us in the fight for a betta’ cheddar!

We created a customer engagement campaign, 'Viva la Cheddalution!', designed to excite cheese lovers everywhere, raising brand profile.

A brand overhaul was executed, bringing the spirit of Blacks Cheese to life across packaging, POS and digital assets.

'Cheese of change' challenged consumers to try something new and gave retailers and distributors a reason to take notice.


Blacks Cheese could confidently own their space in the highly over-serviced cheese market, creating clear contrast from their competitors.

Within 3 months distribution to independent retailers increased by 200%

Christmas trade, a key sales period, increased by 300%

The ‘Viva La Cheddalution’ social media campaign boosted customer engagement by over 500%

“The guys were fantastic. They just got us and what we wanted to achieve. It’s made a huge difference to how we engage with our customers.”
Chris Andrews Managing Director