Better customers. 
Spending more. 
More often.

Exploit what you excel at and outmanoeuvre the competition in just 8 weeks.


“Like a juice extractor, they removed the pulp and retained the very best bits.”

Glen Thurgood
Managing Director & Founder
Training Shed

Common challenges that the Brand Clear process helps overcome.

We want more customers spending more with us.

We want a much stronger, clearer market presence.

We want to alter how customers see us.

We want everyone to pull in the same direction.

We struggle to get customers to choose us.

We want to launch a product to a new customer-base.

We want to attract & retain the best talent.

We want to future-proof the business for exit.

We want to find our difference.

We want to capitalise on a fast moving market.

We want to align our leadership

We want to reach our next level of growth.

Sound Familiar? – Not one solution for many problems, but a problem solving solution for your 

specific challenge.

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Who is Brand Clear?

Sean Masters

Managing Director
Brand Strategist