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Do you...

struggle to explain your difference?

want everyone pulling in one direcion?

miss out on winning new customers?

need to shift how you are perceived?

…need Brand Clear

Common challenges Brand Clear helps overcome.
Do these sound familiar?

How we do it

We work jointly with you over 8 weeks, taking on all the hard, boring stuff no one likes doing. We pull together everything we need, then (just like IKEA) we provide all the materials, tools and instructions you need to go out there and achieve your business objectives, whilst supporting you along the way.

  1. Outsider's perspective

    Q&A to establish the objectives and guide the strategy, followed by desk research and market segmentation.

  2. Customer's perspective

    Simple customer Q&A research carried out in partnership with you (In-depth research is costed separately).

  3. Insider's perspective

    Half-day workshop sharing opinions and perspectives, followed by a summary detailing a direction of travel for the next phase.

  4. Innovation & Action plans

    A strategy to deliver against the business objectives that includes key messages, visual application and a coherent go-to-market comms plan.

  5. Go-to-market toolkit

    A reference guide that enables the business to successfully present itself (internally and externally) without further support.

  6. Monthly support

    ‘Check in’ calls to support with implementation and measurement of the plan for a period of 12 months.

  7. Brand Clear Collective

    A team of trusted professionals who work with Brand Clear to deliver the action plan internally or to market.

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