Mansfield Building Society

Customer engagement boosted, promotion of products and services expanded, and departments brought together.

Before Brand Clear

Generic Building Society language was used in promotional activities, lacking a distinctive perspective for customers to gravitate towards.


After Brand Clear

Using their difference, as a Building Society that punches above its weight, to highlight the lengths it goes to to support its mortgages and savings customers.


Roadmap for growth

Using their purpose-driven campaign – ‘We’re the Building Society that sees you, not numbers.’ – to demonstrate how real-world sensitivity is applied throughout the organisation and community.


“Sean and the team were excellent throughout. Within the development they consolidated feedback through a series of workshops and proposed a value proposition based on our purpose, vision and beliefs. During these stages, Sean was accommodating and provided guidance to help steer us to a strong messaging framework that really comes alive with the creative the team has developed. The messages have been applied successfully to different platforms – from our branches to events and online through our website and social media.

Developing identifiable standout in the financial services industry is not easy but with Brand Clear’s dedication, commitment and customer service, Sean and the team really have helped us achieve a distinctive presence and a campaign that we can adapt and progress in the months and even years ahead. A wholly worthwhile investment.”

Dale Twigger
Marketing Manager
Mansfield Building Society