Training Shed

Shifting perceptions
to a better way


Training Shed are specialists in personal health & wellbeing best-practice.


As a small gym group, Training Shed had established themselves as the one to watch within the health & fitness industry with the introduction of their screening methodology that helps individuals efficiently meet their goals. However, to really make it fly they needed to build differentiation between the world of the gym and the world of Shed.



Three themes became the foundation for the brand direction: Education – At the heart of what they do is knowledge; Wholeness – A healthy balance of fitness & wellbeing; Agent of change – The catalyst for motivation to make the small changes that lead to a better quality of life.

We incorporated ‘Shed’ into our vernacular, altering it from a Noun to a Verb to create ownership, which included reimagining their
methodology as their ‘Shedology’. Their screening programme also changed to the ‘Wellbeing Score’, positioning it beyond health & fitness.

The language became softer, more empathetic and less goal orientated. We changed the existing positioning line ‘We make you better!’ to ‘Custom fit.
You made better’, which complimented the new value proposition ‘Customised active programmes for a happier, healthier you’.

The visual style was revised to feel less elite, employing bold, colourful and abstract backgrounds to create movement and energy.


Launched in Feb 2020, the new brand was an instant hit. However, within a month the UK went into lockdown. Training Shed was forced to shut all their sites and furlough staff.

A business model pivot led to a new goal of reaching the nation’s ‘Non-Fit’, using the Wellbeing Score to help them understand their position on the wellness scale, and supporting them with online coaching programmes.

The new brand structure also helped land two new corporate clients during the pandemic and spin out services to other markets not previously identified at options, including the NHS.

“Brand Clear took so much time to understand us, pushing us to question our own beliefs. It’s a different approach to anything we’ve experienced. Completely refreshing.

They managed to distil everything that’s been in our heads for months into a message that everyone got in seconds, far better than anyone could describe. Like a juice extractor, they removed the pulp and retained the very best bits. We now have a language and a brand that’s completely aligned.”
Glen Thurgood Managing Director & Founder