Training Shed

Merged with workforce well-being specialist, Wellonomics within 6 months of going through the Brand Clear process.  

Before Brand Clear

Mature, commoditised, me-too offerings in an over-serviced market, competing on similar service promises.


After Brand Clear

Owning the space of providing customised active programmes for happier, healthier outcomes via the Wellbeing Score.


Roadmap for growth

Using the Wellbeing Score to demonstrate social proof and drive engagement with business, healthcare and individuals.


“Brand Clear took so much time to understand us, pushing us to question our own beliefs. It’s a different approach to anything we’ve experienced. Completely refreshing.

They managed to distil everything that’s been in our heads for months into a message that everyone got in seconds, far better than anyone could describe. Like a juice extractor, they removed the pulp and retained the very best bits. We now have a language and a brand
that’s completely aligned.”

Glen Thurgood
Managing Director & Founder
Training Shed